August 28th, 2007

Pick-me-up Lunch Category: General, Other Foodiness

I’ve been full of a horrible cold all bank holiday weekend & I’m feeling no better (if not a bit worse) today. I’ve had to call in sick to work as I am not up for anything except dozing in bed & watching bad daytime TV.

So to make myself feel a little bit better I made my myself a traditional lunch for such occasions! Chicken sandwiches with Heinz Cream of Mushroom soup.

We have a birthday to attend later tonight – luckily I have to move nowhere as Liverpool is celebrating its 800th Birthday with a firework display right opposite our settee. How very kind of them, I dont even have to get dressed properly! With any luck some we may get some good pictures.

2 Responses to “Pick-me-up Lunch”

Jules Says:

Hope you feel better soon. Nothing beats soup and sandwich as comfort food.

Claire Says:

Thanks Jules.

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