September 9th, 2007

A very foodie Birthday Category: General, Other Foodiness

Yesterday I turned 30.

However, as depressing as it seemed, it turned out to be a very good day. For starters it was a Saturday! and my day started at a 9am appointment at the hairdressers – as we were going out she finished it off in a flicky out – going out style. Hubby dropped me off at the hairdressers as he ‘stuff’ to do then picked me up & we went home for a nice cup of tea & some very tasty buttery croissants.

Whilst I’d been at the hairdressers he’d nipped about in the car to collect my birthday presents which he’d kept out of sight at his mum & dads. So I can home to a nice few surprises. The first two presents were Nigella books – Feast & the new one, Nigella Express – this is a really nice book with lots of pictures.

My third & main present was this…

The one I have is cream & it perfectly matches my Nigella bread bin & other paraphernalia so I was very excited and very happy as you can imagine.

My fourth present was a bottle of

The first (& only) time we drank this champagne was on our wedding night in Malmaison. Even at midnight we thoroughly enjoyed it so this was an extremely nice present and I cant wait to open it!

Apparently there is also fifth present that the postman is yet to deliver… I have no idea what it is!!

I also got an array of presents from friends and family- the highlights of which include two more bottles of champagne, a rather nice block with 5 knives (Anolon) and a knife sharpener, a pure pamper session, two bunches of beautiful flowers and some money & vouchers.

In the afternoon I had a nice relaxing bath & then we headed out to my mum & dads where we met up with my brothers, their girlfriends & my Gran and we headed out to Ego Restaurant in Heswall. We’ve been quite a few times as the food is always fresh and tasty. We weren’t disappointed. Another restaurant we’d always recommend.

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Happy Birthday. Glad to hear you had such a good day with fab pressies.

Catherine Says:

Happy birthday!! It sounds like a lovely day, and your presents all sound very thoughtful :)

Margaret Says:

I love the Magimix. I’ve had mine years – its a real workhorse. Unfortunately it won’t wear out and so I can’t have an updated model! The champagne – yes! Have you tried the pink one? That too is fabulous.
Happy Birthday – you’re all grown up now. Mx Says:

Happy birthday!

We’ve just got that model Magimix, I love it already. I also love the instruction manual, they obviously haven’t updated it for years!

Glad you had a good day x

Thanks everyone :)

Not tried the pink VC but did get a pink champagne as well :D

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