April 11th, 2008

A Big Welcome and Veggie Boxes Category: General, Other Foodiness

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I hope you like it.

I am hoping my blogging friends from my blogspot blog will join me here, on what I hope to be, a more regular basis. So please can I ask you lovely people to re-save my link to: www.clairescakebake.co.uk and for those using a feed reader you’ll need click this link -http://feeds.feedburner.com/clairescakebake

This blog was designed by my wonderful web designer husband. I think he has done a great job so I just wanted to say thank you very much Anthony.

Whilst I am now up & running there are still a few bits to tidy up and set up, so whilst I’d encourage you to take a look around the different links, please let me know if you think somethings not quite right so we can fix it :)

Back to foodie related talk…

Last week I signed up to the Abel & Cole website and ordered my very first box. My first impressions of the company and website were very positive and I especially liked the fact you can set likes and dislikes so hopefully there won’t be any waste.

We decided to set up an order bi-weekly just so that we aren’t over-run with veg in the first week so we’ll have too see how it goes.

So I was excited to arrive home this evening to find our little brown box on the doorstep.

This week we have been sent:

  • Fennel (1, large)
  • Celeriac (1, medium)
  • Celery (1 bunch!?!)
  • Vine Tomatoes (4, rather large, but ones exploded!)
  • Linda Rosa Plums (8)
  • Fair Trade bananas (5)
  • Potatoes (6)
  • Carrots (6)
  • Leeks (2)
  • Oranges (6)

My first Abel & Cole delivery

So my next task is to work out what we are going to make…

And whilst I do that please take a nosey around my new pad and leave me a comment to say hello!

7 Responses to “A Big Welcome and Veggie Boxes”

It all looks absolutely stunning, Claire! Just gorgeous. Especially with your lovely photos. :)

Very nice. Super huge text and wobbly line above this box. Great.

I can now read about your nice dinners and salivate with a new design, while I cook my processed slop.

Hi Claire!
What a stunning site you have now! Compliments to your very talented hubby :-)!
What a pity I don’t have such a service here for the boxes..there are beginning now but the deliver only in the countryside while I live in Florence !! I’m looking forward for your recipes and have already changed my feed!

Hello Silvia, thank you for your kind comments. The boxes have only just made there way to where I live too so am quite excited :)

Mr Whitehouse, you’ve posted :) i’ll report your comments to Mr C when he gets back from the wwe, no doubt with a big foam finger. gah.

Hi Wendy, am pleased you like it. The photos are getting better slowly!!

Anthony's Boss :O) Says:

So this is what he’s been doing when he’s meant to be working! Very nice Mr Casey.

Hello Martin! No, no, no, he wouldn’t dream of doing that! but thanks for popping by :)

Hi Claire – what a stunning site and I have changed links on my blog now to here. Rosie :D

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