September 25th, 2008

Back from a little break… Category: General

I know I havent blogged for a looong time but we’ve had a bit of an eventful summer.  I went off my food (eating & cooking) and there’s been sad times and happy times.

But it’s the happy times I wanted to (eventually) share with you all and the reason I have been off my food.  We’ve been baking a little baby :)

The other good news is that I am just about back to eating more ‘normally’ and am even venturing into the kitchen again.  It is the only time I have ever been off my food and Hubby didn’t know what to do with himself when all I could managed for tea was a crumpet!

I’ve held off until today to blog about this as it was our 20 week anomaly scan this morning.  All seems to be ok and it looks like the Little One is going to be a girl – despite us both thinking it would be a blue one!

So in the last 20 weeks, this is what we’ve been baking ;)…

Little one 20 weeks 4 days

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Fantastic news! Congratulations! Now I understand why you’ve been quiet recently. Have a great, healthy 1/2 half of the pregnance.

Oops typos! It should say “healthy 2nd half of the pregnancy. “

Thanks Jules :)

Again, congratulations to you both. She’ll deffo be get some good grub on her plate. ;-)

Oooh, many congratulations. How exciting for both of you! Hope the rest of the baking all goes smoothly

Thanks Rich & Sophie :)

Congratulations Claire, that’s great news. Hopefully you’ll soon have a small sous chef to assist you in the kitchen :)

congratulations to you both I am so pleased for you :D
Rosie x

How very exciting! Very happy for you both. Congratulations. :)

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