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June 5th, 2011

Birthday Cake – Newcastle Shirt Category: Uncategorized

A colleague in work asked me if I would like to bake her a cake for her partners 50th in the shape of a Newcastle football shirt.

I looked into getting a Wliton T-Shirt shaped tin but found (a) they are discontinued – why?! (b) cake shops on the internet don’t hire tins over the web (c) my local trusty cake shop have shaped tins but not in the shape of a t-shirt. I thought it was going to be a bit easier but hey ho shaping the cake was the only way to go.

I hired a 10″ square tin and the cake ended up being approximately 10″ by 9″ so I didn’t waste too much cake.

I had asked Anthony to print off a template for me to use but for one reason or another he could get it printed to the right size so I had to free-style a template based on the smaller one.  I have to say though, I was happy with the size and shape.

The cake was filled with raspberry jam and buttercream then had a buttercream layer applied to help stick the icing on.  I had to roll out the icing for the cake as well, in the past I have managed to get away with a pre-rolled icing but the cake was far too big for that!

I had invested in an icing smoother & was happy with the results – I think it was noticeably smoother, shiny icing.

Then I covered it in black stripes.  Again I free-styled the first one and traced around it to make the other one the same.  The middle strip and sponsor badge completed the design.

The cake made it to work for the handover after a 40 minute drive into Chester. Nervewracking! I just hope it tasted nice when it was eaten yesterday.