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May 28th, 2007

Some Bargins and a Bank Holiday Brunch Category: General, Other Foodiness

So this morning we popped over to Liverpool to buy some bin bags! and came home with a few bargains from Monsoon.

Numero uno – a rather nice corset (£65 reduced to £10)

Numero dos – a new t-shirt for Hubby (£30 reduced to £5)

Numero tres – some brown cord trousers for Hubby (£75 reduced to £5)
So a spend of £20 and a saving of £150! and some nice catalogue posing on the balcony ;)

We then came home & made some Huevos rancheros for lunch which is basically an onion, some garlic, a red pepper (which we didn’t have) and some chilli cooked down then a can of chopped tomatoes is added. After 5 minutes add 2 eggs, cover & cook until the eggs are done just like you want them.

Served with some wholemeal pita it makes quite a healthy tasty meal.