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June 2nd, 2007

Roasted Vegetable Pizza Category: Recipes

So our dinner last night was a roasted vegetable pizza. The veg had been the last batch in the freezer & I was intending to do a pasta sauce but we decided a pizza would be more of a Friday night in type dinner.

Pizza is normally something I’d make at the weekend because it does take a while even though its not labour intensive. Mid-week it is a bit of a push but on a Friday night it works very well. For example, last night we got home about 6.45 so I got in & immediately popped the kettle on for a few seconds to take the chill off the water & then got it into the airing cupboard with some yeast & sugar for 15mins. In the time it took the yeast to react I weighed out my flour & a pinch of salt and got everything ready to go.

At 7pm the yeast went into the flour and after a bit of mixing and kneading the dough was back in the airing cupboard for an hour. In that hour I threw some onion, garlic and chopped tomatoes into a pan with a pinch of oregano and 2 small bay leaves and left it simmering down into a tasty thick sauce.

At 8pm I took the dough out, knocked it back, split into two and left it under the bowl for 20 mins. In that 20 mins I put the oven on to heat up to 200°c and prepared all the ingredients – drained the juice from the defrosted roasted vegetables, chopped up the mozzarella and got the olives to the ready!

8.20pm and the doughs are flattened and stretch into the bases and the ingredients piled on top.

Thrown in the oven for 16 minutes and hey presto dinner is served at 8.45pm. And I really dont want to buy a pre-made pizza ever again