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August 8th, 2011

A Review: The Spotty Blue Teapot Category: Reviews

The Spotty Blue Teapot is a tea room that opened in Hoylake earlier this year. Its aim is to be a chic, healthy living tearoom with children in mind.

We heard about it via Twitter when it opened but we only got round to visiting it today. We went for lunch but as we’d had a late morning we didn’t get there until just before 2pm so we were pleased to see that it was quite quiet (they are holding storytimes through the summer holidays & whilst we wanted child friendly we didn’t want anything overrun and too busy!)

We found a table & looked at the menu which can also be found on their website. There was a nice choice of lunches and Elodie picked something from the children’s menu so I went to order at the counter.

I had somehow managed to miss the massive large steps by the counter allowing children to get up & presumably ask for things & pay for themselves. A nice touch, but its a shame Elodie didn’t really get acknowledged by the staff given how quiet it was. Then the lady taking my order answered the phone, that’s usually fine but there was no apology or let somebody else answer it. You can probably tell by now that it didn’t give us the first impression we were expecting.

I took Elodie over to the small play area whilst we waiting for the food and drinks – it was a few playmats, toys, books, paper and pencils and small tables and seats. Simple but a nice touch & one that many parents would appreciate. My only gripe was that I couldn’t really leave Elodie there to play whilst I had a cup of tea as I couldn’t see her from the table. In fact there were only two, maybe three tables that were close enough to the play area.

Elodies food arrived first – 4 Toasted Cheesy Squares. Ok I presumed they would be ‘toasties’ but what arrived was cheese on toast cut into quarters and then alongside that a plate of cucumber slices which cost me an additional 75p! I like to give Elodie fresh salad or vegetables with lunch so felt slightly obliged to get some but she only ate a couple and we were left with the remaining 10!!  She enjoyed her cheese on toast though and we enjoyed our lunch as well – fresh coronation chicken sandwich & jacket potato.

The cafe use local produce were possible & the food was good quality. The salad was fresh and crispy which is seemingly rare these days.

We left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the experience, the staff were not rude, but neither were they happy. The food was tatsy and the quality was good but it was a bit on the pricey side.

The one thing that really *did* bug me, however, was the children’s party leaflet. Three options for parties that looked nice, food and drink included and a story at the end, time permitting! Then they mentioned the birthday cake.  You are not allowed to take in your own birthday cake. Seriously.  They deem themselves ‘professional bakers’ so ask that you don’t bring your own cake but instead they would be happy to  discuss you cake requirements. I’m sorry but that really made me angry. You may make fantastic cakes (I dont know we didn’t try one today) but at least give people the option.  You cant have a children’s birthday party without cake can you?

The overall impression was that they were trying to do too many things at once rather than pick one or two and make them really good. And that making as large a profit as possible was slightly too high on the agenda.

Saying that we would probably go back and try again but I dont think it will be a regular place to go and that’s maybe more of what we’d expected & have liked.