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July 28th, 2007

Afternoon Baking Category: Recipes

I’ve been fancying some scones for a few weeks now so when we where at the supermarket the other day we picked up some clotted cream & strawberry jam.

This afternoon I baked the scones. This is the second time I’ve made them with the Mary Berry recipe and both times I found I needed much more flour than it says (otherwise you end up with a soggy gooey mixture that you cannot knead nevermind roll out!).

Here is the recipe

  1. Sieve 250g self raising flour & 2 teaspoons of baking powder into a bowl
  2. Add 60g butter – in small cubes
  3. Mix with your hands into breadcrumb type mixture
  4. Add 30g sugar
  5. Put one egg into a jug & add milk upto 1/4 pint (beat lightly)
  6. Add liquid to mix & stir into dough
  7. I added a good handful of Sultanas here (not in original recipe)
  8. Knead dough (you will probably need to add more flour at this point until mixture is more dough like)
  9. Roll out to 1cm-1/2″ thickness
  10. Cut into scone size circles & put on a buttered baking tray – use excess milk to brush tops of scones
  11. Cook at 220°c for approx 10 mins or until risen & golden brown

Cool on wire rack

Serve with cream & jam or just butter and a nice cup of tea. Enjoy