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June 17th, 2007

The Wirral’s Answer to Shirley Heights Category: General

Last night we went to see The Bees perform at an evening called Nautical at Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton. Its a brilliant venue and is, as the name would suggest, an old fort.

Going back to our honeymoon in Antigua earlier this year we went to Shirley Heights which happens every Sunday evening – its held at an old fort & is the best place to watch the sun set with steel drum bands, BBQ and a bar. It’s the only way to spend a Sunday evening in Antigua.

Now back to New Brighton, I have never actually been inside the Fort Perch Rock before and much confusion we couldn’t decided if the gig was an indoor or outside event. The answer is very much outside (& I am so glad it didn’t rain!). The walls of the Fort contain an outside area which isn’t the largest but quite a nice size really. The stage was set up at one end and there was a pub/bar located inside one of the walls.

The Bees came on & performed at about 10pm for just over an hour and I have to say it was one of the best gigs I have ever been too. The Bees are now on their third album and I am seriously surprised that they haven’t hit the BIG, big time yet.

There was one bizarre and unexpected twist to the evening when David Gest turned up!?!?! I am still unsure as to why he was there but he did introduce The Bees onto the stage, said Hello to Liverpool (& got boo’ed until somebody corrected him he was on the Wirral!) & then proceeded to say The Bees are his favourite band. I am still very ?????????

Anyway, here are some pics for you (darn camera decided the battery needed recharging so we didn’t get too many)