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July 8th, 2008

Charity Cake Bake Category: General, Other Foodiness

Rolo Cupcakes

My mum kindly offered my services a few weeks back to bake some cakes for the cake stall at the Zoes Place Summer Fete.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, come Saturday evening post-baking it seemed altogether exhausting.  We arrived to set up our stall very last minute, but despite the rush, it was nothing less than a huge success.


Every year Zoe’s have a cake stall & the local Greggs bakers supply them with numerous freebies to sell so we had a front stall of homemade cakes and a side stall of Greggs baked goodies.  I am pleased to say that the homemade cakes sold out quickly & we were left with lots of Greggs muffins and cookies but by the end of the day everything had been eaten.

Between us, we made:

  • 3 sandwich cakes
  • tray of rocky road
  • tray of mars bar rice crispy bake
  • 24 sponge cakes with icing
  • 24 rolo cupcakes
  • chocolate muffins
  • blueberry muffins
  • chocolate cornflake cakes

Cake Stall

We’re not sure of the final figure but it looks like we made just over £200 which will be doubled by my mum’s work, so it was certainly worth an exhausting days baking.

July 10th, 2007

The Weather Lottery Category: General

A bit more exciting than all this rain.

Mr C signed up in aid of Zoe’s Place – it only costs £1 a week (25p per day x 4 days a week) – I think he’s been playing for two or three weeks and already he’s won 2 prizes. Now I wont be going on any holidays with a grand total of £4 but I think the odds are better than the normal lottery & you know where your % of charity money goes. Top prize is £10,000 too so whilst it may not be millions it’s a nice sum to win if your so lucky.

If your interested have a look here

April 7th, 2007

A Lot of Hot Air Category: General, Other Foodiness

Today was the day where we volunteered to help blow up 1500 balloons for the great balloon race at Zoes Place. I think we did our fair share & managed around 700 – it only took us three hours!!

After 30 mins…
After 3 hours…
And finally they were set free…

I had also invited my mum & dad around for dinner so this morning, before we left for the balloon race, I made a passion fruit & lemon brulee tart. Now I haven’t made pastry since I was a child, nor have I ever attempted a brulee. The pastry was supposed to be made using a food processor – which we don’t have. I was tempted to use the hand mixer with the dough hooks but then decided my hands were just as good! The pastry was surprisingly easy to make into a dough & roll out. My difficulty came in transferring the dough into the dish. The first attempt collapsed dreadfully so I re-kneaded & rolled out again. The second time I managed to get most of the base in, in one piece & some of the sides so I decided to patchwork the rest together.

After baking blind & egg-whiting it the case looked ok…

I then prepared the creme brulee centre & the passion fruit smelled so delicious, I couldn’t wait to try some.

It went in the oven at 100° for 45 mins. The recipe said it should be set but still a little wobbly in the centre. I pulled the shelf out & a tidal wave of filling nearly escaped the pastry case. Set my @*se! As we had the balloons to get to I gave it another 10 mins & then had to leave. It was still very much liquid & I was quite annoyed after spending all morning working on it. I left it in the oven, with the door slightly ajar (after my steaming escapade earlier in the week).

After stopping at Sainsbury’s and buying a vanilla NY cheesecake on the way back, we got home to find one set filling… Surprise!

After eating our main course of lemon marinated chicken with greek yoghurt accompaniment (with spring onion, cucumber, chilli, garlic, coriander & mint) I got round to sprinkling it with icing sugar & starting up my new chefs blowtorch…

It was delicious, tangy & sweet, crunchy but gooey. Very very nice, I have to say!